Dion checked in at CoolBlue HQ

Fronteers-bijeenkomst samen met @MarijnvdWerf

Rotterdam, 24 juni


Hi! I’m Dion Segijn.

Mobile applications took my interest when studying for Software Engineer. With a strong focus on writing code I got really interested by the creative team process of mobile apps!
Graduation Internship at Sogeti

Conducting a research about mobile payments and realising a working product. The product is focused on a user friendly way of paying with your mobile phone involving as little as possible steps to make the order and complete the payment. With the use of Near Field Communication (NFC) on the mobile phone and NFC terminal the payment could be transferred.

For the Amsterdam School of Communication Research (ASCoR) an app had to be made as stimulus in an experiment. The project was about the persuasive effect of media multitasking with second screen media (i.e., tablet). The app is a fully functional television guide but with content controlled by the researcher.

HUE ColorPicker

At my study we had a course called FreakyFriday. It basically meant "Do what you like, but explore new things!"
Together with Luuk Rijnbende we wanted to explore Philips HUE. We made an Android app where you can build a color scheme and control the transitions between color changes. This scheme could be attached to an event. i.e. Alarm clock, phone call.

When the project was finished I redesigned the app together with Marijn van der Werf and we came up with a fun way of choosing the colors.

Internship at ThunderBuild

For my internship at ThunderBuild i worked together with Luuk Rijnbende developing an iOS app for the iPad. The app focused on chauffeurs receiving tasks from their management with all necessary data to perform their daily schedule. Including Navigation, necessary papers and schedule for the whole day visualized on a timeline.


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